"If you're looking for an unbelievable opportunity for growth, if you're looking for a great project, if you're looking for a store where there's not much competition, with a lot of volume, this is where you need to be!"

There is a hidden gem in NE TX brimming with opportunity. That hidden gem is Greenville, TX. Welcome to Greenville and the region’s first mixed use development. Why Greenville and why this project?

Greenville is located on Interstate 30, 50 miles east of Downtown Dallas.Greenville has a trade area of 270,000 (show trade area aerial) but has an additional 17,000 students attending nearby Paris Junior College and Texas A&M Commerce.With this strategic location Greenville provides the urban appeal of a big city being on the outskirts of DFW, but also a rural feel for the many that live in the country.Kari Beth Crossing sits right along the most heavily trafficked corridor in Greenville on I-30 and highway 34.

Greenville has become the Regional Retail Hub of all of NE TX and retailers are waking up to this secret. The extension of this development is going to begin on Sayle St as we connect to the Academy side of the existing Kari Beth Crossing. We will kick off this lifestyle development with the construction of KB Blvd which will provide connectivity and easy access.

As a result, many residents that once lived outside of Greenville will not be able to resist moving here. Not only will people be able to live near here, but you can actually live here.  Each apartment will find Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Countertops, and Rectangular Sinks, along with built-in smart technology. This will allow you to change your thermostat or unlock a gate, all from your smartphone. Walkability throughout the development will be important as both residents and shoppers will be able to use the trails that connect.

With Greenville’s growing residential and commercial appeal, other opportunities are sure to follow. Imagine a hotel/conference center in Greenville. What better spot than to build it here in this Mixed-Use Development.

Every year $322 million worth of retail and food leave our trade area. Kari Beth Crossing provides the opportunity to recapture those dollars. So what does Kari Beth Crossing offer?

  • Great access from the full interchange at Monty Stratton and I-30 / Wesley.
  • Trails connecting residential living, restaurants, and shopping.
  • A 12 screen Cinemark Theatre.
  • Many future shops and restaurants
  • The convenience of already existing Academy, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s and many more stores and shops.

This will truly be a NE TX gem…something Greenville has never had before! The Time is Now. Be a part of an exciting future…Join us!


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